"Relentless With Kate Snow"-                                                                        Oxygen Network

In this true crime series, Emmy-winning journalist Kate Snow takes viewers on a emotional journey with suffering families as they go to incredible lengths to find answers about their loved one's deaths. These ordinary heroes embark on an endless pursuit to identify and catch suspects in hopes of finding justice.

Director of Photography 2019 

​"The Mueller Report: What You Need to Know" -                                                      MSNBC
This one hour MSNBC Special examines the Special Counsel's report and it's most important findings.

Director of Photography 2019

(2011) "Trip Of Lifetime"   

            Travel Channel

            Director of Photography 

(2006) "Absolute Wilson"  

           Theatrical Release  Award Winning Feature

           Director of Photography

(2008) "Gene Simmons Family Jewels"  


            Director of Photography

            (NYC Episodes)

(2009-2010) "Hoarding Buried Alive"   

                    Discovery Channel

                    Director of Photography 



(2011-2013) "Fatal Encounters"  

                   Discovery ID

                   Director of Photography 


"In Pursuit With John Walsh" -                                             Zero Point Zero - Discovery ID 
Victim's rights activist John Walsh and his son, Callahan, showcase time-sensitive, unsolved cases in desperate need of attention, mobilizing the public to engage in the pursuit of justice.

                          Director of Photography 2018 (Interviews, B-Roll, Verite, Host Scenes) 

(1998-2000) "Howard Stern Radio Show"  

​                    CBS

                    Director of Photography

"Disappeared" -                                                                                      NBC - Discovery ID 
An exciting series that investigates the disappearance of victims who are here one minute and gone the next.  Each episode focuses on one victim's story as told through the perspectives and actual voices of their closest friends, family and the investigators trying to solve the case.

Director of Photography on all 9 Seasons starting in 2009, through 2018

​"America's Greatest Threat: Vladimir Putin " -                                           History Channel
A gripping look at Putin's rise from humble beginnings to brutal dictatorship, and his emergence as one of the gravest threats to American's security.

Director of Photography 2017

(2007) "Dead Art"  

​            Dish Network

            (US and International)

             Director of Photography

(2011) "Killer Instinct"  

           Cloo Network

           Director of Photography 

(2014) "Dream of Italy"


           Director of Photography 

(2010) "Criminal Mindscape"  


           Director of Photography 

"Swiped" -                                                                                                ABC News - Hulu 
The need to find a mate is one of the oldest urges on earth. Today, hundreds of matches are just a swipe away. Real daters share their hilarious stories while experts reveal how technology is changing the very nature of romance.

                                                   Director of Photography 2016 (Recreations) 

(2017) "Who is Donnie Rudd? - Keith Morrison"  

            Discovery ID

​            Director of Photography (Receations)


​​"Adnan Syed: Innocent or Guilty " -                                                        ABC - Discovery ID

This is a one hour special produced by ABC's Lincoln Square Productions for Discovery ID.  The special examines the 1999 case of Adnan Syed, made famous by the "Serial Podcast," who was convicted of killing his high school girlfriend Hae Min Lee.

Director of Photography 2017​

(2011-2014) "Dead of Night"  

Discovery ID 

                   Director of Photography 

(2017) "Murder in Lehigh Valley -

            Keith Morrison"  Discovery ID

​            Director of Photography 


(2016) "Boss Girls M. Stackhouse"   

           ABC News

      Director of Photography 

"Dating App Horrors: The Untold Story" -                                                                    A&
Elizabeth Vargas examines the largely unregulated dating app industry and explores the risks of dating online, which in some rare cases has led to assault, rape, and even murder.

Director of Photography 2019

(2014) "Skyscraper Live - Nick Wallenda"  

          Discovery/ NBC

          Director of Photography (Location Segments)

(2013-2014) "I'd Kill For You"  

                   Discovery ID

                   Director of Photography 

(2011) "What If...Armageddon 1962"  

           Military Channel

           Director of Photography 

​​"Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall " -                                                    NBC - Discovery ID

MSNBC and NBC News Coorespondent Tamron Hall hosts this fast paced, weekly investigative news program.

Director of Photography 2013-2017

(2009) "Herb and Dorthy"  

           Theatrical Release  Award Winning Feature

           Director of Photography (*Partial)

(2015) "Save My Life"    

​           ABC News

           Director of Photography  (Recreations)      


(2015-2016) "Unraveled"  

Discovery ID 

                   Director of Photography 

​"Headliners: Pete Buttigieg" -                                                                                   MSNBC
This special episode explores the unexpected rise of the little-known Mayor of South Bend, Indiana to the nation's stage as a Democratic presidential candidate. 

Director of Photography 2019  

"Hate In America" -                                                                                 NBC - Discovery ID

Investigation Discovery teams with the Southern Poverty Law Center and it's Founder Morris Dees, to be the first network to produce a series showcasing stories from the organization's case files.

Director of Photography 2016 (Recreations)

"Vanished in Paradise: The Untold Story" -                                                                   A&E
Elizabeth Vargas explores the mysterious disappearance of Hannah Upp, a 32-year-old teacher from Oregon, who vanished in the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2017 in the chaotic days between two category five hurricanes.

Director of Photography 2018-2019 ​

"The Last 100 Days of Diana" -                                                                            ABC News
ABC News retraces the events of Princess Diana's first and last summer as a single woman. Hosted by former ABC News Nightline co-anchor Martin Bashir.

Director of Photography 2017