As a Director of Photography, Ian Saladyga shoots on many different camera platforms based on the individual needs of each production, including: Arri, Canon, Sony, and Panasonic. He does not limit himself, or his projects, to gear owned by his production company, Tough Town Productions.  Here is a base list of in-house equipment that has been used on major broadcast television, documentary, corporate, commercial and high end educational projects.  Please feel free to contact Ian for quotes, even if your project may require a different camera platform or additional equipment that is not listed.


2015 Dodge Promaster City Cargo Truck W/ NYP Plates (NEW YORK PRESS PLATES)


(2) CANON C300 Mark 2 (4K) Packages

(2) CANON C300 Mark 1 Packages

(1) Canon 5D Mark 3 Package

(1) Canon 17-120mm Cine Zoom

(1) Canon Cine Prime Package

     CN-E 14mm, CN-E 24mm, CN-E 35mm, CN-E 50mm, CN-E 85mm, CN-E 135mm

(2) Canon EF  Zoom Sets

     16-35mm L, Canon EF 24-70mm L, Canon EF 70-200mm L

(1) Canon EF L Series Prime Kit

     24mm,35mm,50mm,85mm,100mm Macro, 135mm

(1) Sachtler 18S Tripod System 

(2) Sachter FSB 8 Tripod Sytems

(1) 17" Small HD P3X Field Monitor 

(2) Bright Tangerine Matte Boxes

​(1) Bright Tangerine Follow Focus

(1) Kessler 3' Foot Cine Slider

(1) Kessler Second Shooter Package - Motion Controlled Time Lapse

(1) Mathews Master Mount Car Mount System

(1) Dana Dolly Kit - 6' and 8' Pipe W/ Mathews Slider Stands

(1) Ronin M Kit


(1) Lite Mat 4 S2 Kit

(2) Lite Mat 4 S1 Kits

(2) Lite Panel 6X Astra Bi-Color Lite Panels W/ Soft Boxes 

(2) Lite Panel 4X Astra Bi-Color Lite Panels W/ Soft Boxes

(4) 150WH Switzronics Batterries W/ Charger 

(2) Arri Kits - (600W, 300W, 2-150W)

(2) Diva 400 Kits

(1) Diva 200 Kit

(1) Honda 2000 Watt Portable Generator

(10) C-Stands

(2) Mathews Mini Booms

(14) 15lbs Sand Bags

(3) 2x3 Solids

(1) Mathews 2x3 Flag and Net Set 

(2) 4x4 Silks

(3) 4x4 Floppy Solids

(1) 4x4 Open Frame

(2) Scrim Jim 4x4 Snap Frame W/ Solid White Bounce, Diffusion

(1) Grip Kit - 25' Stingers, Dimmers, Clamps...

(14) Grip Clips/ Sprig Clamps

(5) 50' Stingers

(1) Cart Master 500

      Full Roll Duvatene, .06 ND Roll, .09 ND Roll, 216 Roll, Opal Roll, Minus 1 Green Roll, Gaffers Tape....